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I feel so lucky to have Michael as my therapist!

I initially came to Well+Able after another Registered Massage Therapist suggested I see Michael Reoch. Before then I had been getting massages regularly for over 25 years.

Each appointment with Michael leaves me feeling supported, rejuvenated, aligned and happy. Michael beautifully combines his technical skills with his intuitive abilities. The enthusiasm he brings to his work makes him a real treasure!  

Piper Deggan


I’m extremely confident in Mike and Marcy's abilities and I will continue to call them “my massage therapists” for many years into the future.

For the past five years, I have received many massage therapy treatments from Marcy Wright, RMT and Mike Reoch, RMT.

Since my initial visit, I have always received professional service with therapists who really care and make a difference to improve my overall health. During this time, I have had ankle surgery that required a knowledgeable and trusted massage therapist to allow my health to progress back to where I wanted to be.

I was even able to return to soccer after my ankle surgery and I believe Marcy and Mike were two of the biggest reasons why.  

Kevin Saunders


I attended Mike Reoch’s course last weekend on Dermoneuromodulating (DNM), and here’s a report.

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about pain science, I highly recommend this course. DNM is gentle skin stretch aiming to speak to the patient’s nervous system by stimulating cutaneous nerves. The purpose, as the technique’s name makes clear, is to decrease pain by modulating the nervous system. It’s easy to learn and easy to do, and I can tell you this — nervous systems love it!

Mike covers the basics of pain science clearly and concisely. The brain, the sensory system, how the patient’s thoughts and feelings affect pain and recovery, all these pain science insights are a important addition to our understanding of what we are trying to do with patients and why.

Mike is knowledgeable, clear, humorous, patient and refreshingly comfortable with the uncertainty and complexity of all our interactions with the body.

I don’t think he teaches this course very often, so if you get the chance, take it.
— Ann Sleeper, RMT

I would highly recommend Marcy to anyone looking for an RMT and would follow her to any clinic, wherever it might be.

I have been a client of Marcy Wright's for about six years.  She came highly recommended through a friend and after only our first meeting did i decide that she was a great fit for me as my RMT.

In September 2002, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. I was badly injured and was sent to many physiotherapists and psychologists.

I had good days and bad days in both my physical and mental states for years. It was only when I began seeing an RMT on a regular basis that I really started to feel like myself again.

I met Marcy not long after that and it was her sweet and caring demeanor that made me feel very comfortable. She is very knowledgeable and really listens to her patients. She has been my RMT ever since.

Kelly White

"Mike is one of the most skillful massage therapists I've met."


Who is your therapist and how did they impact your condition?: Mike Reoch treated me when I came in with very limited mobility in my shoulder. By the end of my massage I had some increased mobility and a game plan for improving movement for the rest of the week (along with ice and ibuprofen).

What steps did your therapist take toward correcting or resolving the cause of your problem?: Mike spent a considerable amount of time assessing my range of motion and isolating the main source of my pain and discomfort. Without causing more pain, he was able to stretch out muscles in and around my shoulder, with increased my mobility significantly.

Why would you recommend that someone come to Well+Able with their health care issues?: Mike is one of the most skillful massage therapists I've met. His approach is much different from the deep tissue massages I've had in the past - I used to think that I needed to feel somewhat pummeled or sore coming out of a massage - but in reality I've found that my back/neck respond much more positively to his subtle technique.

Name: Carolyn Gidyk