Meet Our RMT's

Our team has over 12 years combined experience in Massage Therapy and includes Michael Reoch RMT and Marcy Wright RMT

Registered Massage Therapists

Michael Reoch

Michael Reoch

Michael Reoch, RMT

Michael graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2007. He has a diverse background in treating patients with post surgical scar pain, office warriors, and weekend adventurers, as well as professional athletes. He has a special interest in helping people with chronic/persistent and complex pain. 

Mike uses massage therapy to treat all systems of the body. His practice is highly influenced by his pursuit for up-to-date research. Mike is a clinic instructor at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. He also has experience running their case study program and has chaired a research panel at the Third International Fascia Research Congress in Vancouver. 

Michael is a board member and the Chair of the Communications Committee for the Massage Therapy Association of B.C. Through the MTABC, Michael recently founded a professional practice group for pain management to help RMTs pursue special education in pain sciences

In his spare time Mike loves to run the farm roads of Delta.

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Marcy Reoch

Marcia Wright Reoch, BSc, RMT

Marcia graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2007. She also has a four-year BSc in Biology from Hartwick College that was complete in three years while she was on a full-ride scholarship. At Hartwick, Marcia Captained the NCAA Division 1 Water Polo team.

Marcia suffered from a chronic shoulder problem due to overuse from intense sport training. Her rehab involved a wonderful manual therapist who helped her through her injury and pain. Marica understands the rehab experience as both patient and practitioner, and knows the importance of being involved in your own health care. She completely relates to the commitment and passion her patients feel towards their sports/activities/hobbies and their desire to return to what they love as soon as possible.

Marcia uses manual therapy, patient education, and strengthening with her patients. She has a passion for working with women during and post pregnancy, a passion that was enhanced by having had two children herself. Marcia also has strong knowledge working on a wide variety of pathologies and postural imbalances. She believes that postural alignment and muscle balance are important in a patient’s recovery.

In Marcia’s free time, she enjoys being active and playing with her family. She loves swimming, nature, and most outdoor activities. She also enjoys DIY projects around the house and being creative in many different ways, such as sewing, poems, and art projects with her daughter.

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