Patient Education

Patient education to help with chronic pain, acute pain, movement, running, pregnancy massage, prenatal massage and post natal massage

Pain Education:


The Pain Toolkit: A resource for people with chronic pain.

Pain BC : The BC association working to reduce the burden of pain through engagement, education, advocacy, and knowledge translation

Save Yourself: Paul Ingraham is a retired RMT who has ventured into writing about self help for aches and pains. He prides himself on his sassy writing style and strives to provide the best and newest information.  

Patients like me: A community for people to share their real life health experiences with others to help yourself, other patients like you and organizations that focus on your conditions.

Movement Education:


Move Better: Todd writes some great stuff here. He is very good at breaking down what we should really be focusing on to move better and feel better.

Ido Portal: This guy knows how to move and he has some great insights into getting you to move too! 

Core Running: Curb is a well respected running coach. If you want to improve your running skills check him out. 

For Moms and Moms to be:


Power to Push: This is a helpful resource informing mom/families on options for safe birthing.

BC Women's Breastmilk bank: A place where Mom's can donate excess breastmilk for families who are limited in breastmilk supply.

The Best Chance : A BC government resource filled with up-to-date information about pregnancy, baby, toddler (up to 3 yrs old), women's health, etc.