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Incorporating "modern" Pain Science for the Massage Therapist


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A two day class each day from 9am - 5pm with a lunch break.

DermoNeuroModulation - Understanding the ‘new” pain science to inform your practice.

This class is for Manual Therapists who want to grow their understanding of how to better treat people who's primary complaint is pain. 

This is a class using evidenced based models such as the Pain Neuromatrix and the Biopsychosocial model of pain to inform your treatments. You will learn how to use a deeper understanding of pain physiology to inform the skills you already have with some new concepts to get more consistant and longer lasting pain relief for your clients/patients. 


Dermoneuromodulating with Diane Jacobs

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Dermoneuromodulating with Diane Jacobs


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Brief Description/Learning Outcomes:

Manual therapy workshops tend to skip over the nervous system entirely; explanatory and treatment models tend to focus on tissue instead. The reality is that the nervous system manages 100% of everything, is only 2% of the human body, and uses 20% of available oxygen and glucose to do so, day and night. Another reality is that there are 45 miles/72 kilometers of nerves in the human body, each millimeter connected with the vascular system; everything we do, manually, affects that neurovascular array, and the nervous system of the conscious person we treat. Can we learn to interact favorably with nervous systems, and nerves themselves, in a treatment setting? Dare we? In this hands-on workshop participants will be introduced to the nervous system, current thinking on why it’s there, what it is, how it got there, what it does, what it needs, how to help guide it toward improved motor output and less pain. Participants will be provided with visuals and downloads that will familiarize them with all spinal nerves and neural plexuses of the whole body, and will be guided through a novel non-tissue based set of assumptions about human pain and physical dysfunction - assessment and treatment approaches for cutaneous and motor nerves of the upper body, from C1 to Co1, from the top of the neck to the ends of the toes. Course Information Learning Outcomes: 1. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of ◦ normal human nervous system function ◦ how the peripheral nervous system disseminates throughout the body and into cutis/subcutis ◦ the difference between pain and nociception ◦ how neurovascular structure anywhere in the body can be subject to mechanical deformation 2. Participants will understand how the skin functions as an interface between 'organism' and environment 3. Participants will integrate this information as manual therapists, and appreciate the role of manual therapy as interaction with, not operation upon, another person's awake and cognizing nervous system Instructor Biography: CAREER/WORK HISTORY • PT diploma, 1971, University of Saskatchewan, worked in hospitals • Studied manual therapy at URSA foundation in Seattle for a couple decades, maintained a solo practice in Vancouver 1994 to 2009 • Owns and operates solo practice in Saskatchewan, teaches DNM internationally • Presenter at various conferences including RMTBC Pain Management 2014 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT • Developed DermoNeuroModulation mid 2000’s, participated in pilot study to gauge its effectiveness, 2007 • Dissected cutaneous nerves and their rami in the arm 2007 at UBC • Interacts extensively online to bring neuro and pain science awareness to manual therapists • Helped initiate Pain Science Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association in 2005, serves as Communications Liaison • Active steering committee member of WCPT Pain Network since 2012

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Friday, September 16, 2016 -

8:30am to 5:00pm

Saturday, September 17, 2016 -

8:30am to 5:00pm

Sunday, September 18, 2016 -

8:30am to 5:00pm