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Incorporating "modern" Pain Science for the Massage Therapist


Event Description

A two day class each day from 9am - 5pm with a lunch break.

DermoNeuroModulation - Understanding the ‘new” pain science to inform your practice.

This class is for Manual Therapists who want to grow their understanding of how to better treat people who's primary complaint is pain. 

This is a class using evidenced based models such as the Pain Neuromatrix and the Biopsychosocial model of pain to inform your treatments. You will learn how to use a deeper understanding of pain physiology to inform the skills you already have with some new concepts to get more consistant and longer lasting pain relief for your clients/patients. 


Neurocentric Approach to Massage Therapy and Persistent Pain September 29/30

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10532375_770935799612048_7485279242432009051_n (1).jpg

Neurocentric Approach to Massage Therapy and Persistent Pain September 29/30


Learning Outcomes for Neurocentric Approach to Persistent Pain

2-day course

14PE credits with the CMTBC:

• Identify the difference between pain causes and origins

• Learn how the four origins of pain help us understand pain physiology

• Introduction to what ideomotion is in a pain resolution context

• Be able to better assess people in pain and use that

assessment in a manual therapy interaction

• Be able to perform a neurodynamic test and use it in

decision-making process

• Learn how the small skills of nonspecific effects, culture

and context affect the experience of pain

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This course will be held September 29 and 30th at WCCMT-NW
WCCMT New Westminster Campus
613 Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC, V3M 1A7
Coffee and Snacks will be provided both days