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Price Changes for 2019

Please be aware that the prices for RMT services starting January 15, 2019 will be changed to reflect our increased expenses and comply with our RMT fee schedule. Thank you for your understanding.

‣ 20 minutes massage Therapy $45.00 ‣ 30 minutes Massage Therapy $70.00 ‣ 45 minutes Massage Therapy $100.00 ‣ 60 minutes Massage Therapy $120.00 ‣ 90 minutes Massage Therapy $190.00 ‣ 120 minutes Massage Therapy $190.00

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Neurocentric Approach to Massage Therapy

What I propose is an approach to these people’s painful conditions that puts the nervous system first. Specifically, I’m looking at pain that originates from a mechanical deformation of nerve tissue and that can change with position or movement.

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