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Benefits of Magnesium

By: Alexandria McQueen

Aches and pains affect us all.  We know that trauma and poor posture can create issues, but did you know that your diet plays a large role as well?  Muscle spasms or tremors can usually be managed by paying attention to what you eat.  Eating foods rich in minerals is important for proper muscle health and function.  Magnesium, the mineral responsible for muscle relaxation, is a key part of staying pain-free.  Magnesium is found in most vegetables (mostly leafy greens,) dark chocolate, fish, nuts and seeds but is very lacking in most anything processed.  Unless our diets are full of fresh, we usually aren't getting enough.  This mineral is also easily depleted in our bodies: any time you drink coffee, alcohol -or even excessive water- magnesium is flushed from your system.  When we're under stress our body uses up magnesium very quickly. 
So how do you know if you need it more magnesium?  Aside from neck, shoulder and back pain, symptoms of magnesium deficiency also present as an irregular heartbeat, constipation, muscle weakness, and cravings for chocolate.  If you're looking to take a magnesium supplement find one that is paired with calcium and vitamin D to help with assimilation into your body.
Simply magnesium can be important, but above all, remember to find balance in your life.  Balance with the foods you eat, the things you do and the thoughts you have.
Stretch daily.  Inhale deeply.  Enjoy the moment.

-Regular Mama
Alexandria McQueen is a local nutritionist, yoga instructor and mother of 2.