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The Importance of 'Aging in Place'

By: Rhonda Doram, HoneyDo Lifestyle Assistant

One of the most prevalent topics seniors face these days is the idea of ‘Aging in Place’.  While resources struggle to keep up, local facilities close, and the aging population grows, there’s a visible shift to try to keep our elders at home longer instead of moving into care too soon. New provincial pilot programs such as “Better at Home” advocate this very model. While each situation is unique, there are many benefits to managing in your family home if you are safely able to do so.

Staying in your own home allows you to continue with your own routine that works best for you, even if that may mean asking for some help. Whether that’s 5am walks, or family dinners on Sundays, these traditions help combat loneliness & depression, while keeping focused on staying busy and positive. 

Statistics support that when returning home to recuperate, rather than in hospital, many 
patients do so at a faster, more successful rate. You’re more comfortable surrounded by your own things at home, promoting quicker healing, better sleep and greater security. With home support options available, it is completely possible to receive medical and daily living needs as an out-patient.

Perhaps even more importantly, staying in and being active in your community brings along a connection to the people around you. Having ties to your neighbours, recreation & church groups, local resources, and especially your family, encourages vitality, purpose and meaning. Staying involved has a profoundly positive affect on your daily outlook and ability to cope through a network of support. 

Investing in your lifestyle with moderate assistance allows you to maintain a focus on what you are able to do. By building on your abilities, it is possible to safely maintain your lifestyle, at your pace, at home. Safe ‘Aging in Place’ can be paramount to sustaining a healthy lifestyle for the elders in our community. 

HoneyDo Lifestyle Assistant has been providing “Grandma Approved” senior assistance in South Delta for over 5 years and was Voted #1 for Customer Service in 2013. Their unique, client-directed services allow seniors to remain independent and vitally connected within their community.